Turing Pharmaceuticals boss Martin Shkreli had previously defended the price riise Judging by social media, Martin Shkreli, the 32-year-old chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, may be the most hated man in America right now.
A pregnant mother had "no idea" there were 12 Vietnamese migrants in the back of a van she was travelling in, a court heard.
Recall that Trump had regularly skewered Barack Obama for taking vacations while he was President, and had even tweeted, quoting from his own book, that if you like your job you don't need a vacati

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August 05, 2017
Dozens of landowners opposed to the nearly completed Keystone XL Pipeline won’t be allowed to give testimony at the upcoming hearings. That is, unless Nebraska regulators overturn a ruling that narrows down what subject matter will be permitted.
August 05, 2017
German authorities were allegedly aware of Ahmad A.’s extremist tendencies for at least a year and tried to recruit him as an informant before the 26-year-old refugee went on a supermarket stabbing spree in Hamburg last week, killing one and injuring several others.
August 05, 2017
A peaceful lake in New York became the scene of panic when a waterspout touched down on a lake, coming eerily close to the shore. Two children had to be rescued from the water as the storm powered through the waters of Buffalo.