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Soap, milk and sugar

Many Kenyans fear that Tuesday's fiercely contested general election will trigger ethnic violence between supporters of rival parties, writes the BBC's Dickens Olewe from the capital, Nairobi.

Brutal murder

"I would have liked to stock up for more days if I had the money," David Kadondi said.

He believes that Mr Msonda's murder was linked to a plot to rig the election.

"Msando was key to ensuring the election is credible but they had to eliminate him. The way he was killed shows that his killers are determined to get into the voting system and manipulate it."

Kenyan police are still investigating the murder of Mr Msando, who was killed along with a young woman.

Mr Kadondi remains sceptical about the electoral commission's assurances that its IT system is tamper-proof.

His friend, Emmanuel Aswani, says he has also been buying supplies: "I have bought maize flour, cooking oil and vegetables for the next two weeks."

"I live next to a main road and if there's violence then I will be affected, so I have taken the necessary steps to ensure that I will not be going around looking for supplies."

Oliver Wala, who runs a dentistry in a middle-class estate in Nairobi, says that most of his clients have left the country.

"The presidential race will be won by one person and we have to accept that and move on."

"But most importantly we should not let politicians dictate our lives."

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