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NI newspaper review: Secret tapes and having baby at 61

Covert recordings of police officers, a "showdown" over Brexit and the joys of becoming a father in your 60s are among the stories making Friday's papers.

'Wept without embarrassment'

He has written a touching letter to his new baby boy - his first born son - in Friday's Belfast Telegraph.

The commentator, who grew up in an orphanage without brothers or sisters, reveals he "wept without embarrassment" when Indy Kane was born last month.

The father of three outlines how, after believing he would spend his entire life alone, he met his "soulmate" at the tender age of 45.

"People told me I was mad having Lilah-Liberty at the age of 54 and you aged 61. I didn't give a damn what they thought," he writes.

"Having you, your mum, Megan and Lilah-Liberty in my life has been the best thing that has ever happened to me."


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