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More Brits complain about car hire in EU countries

The number of Britons complaining about car hire in Europe has risen by more than a third over the last 12 months.

'Take photos'

The ECC said such bills can come as a total shock.

In some cases, the car hire firms will send photographs as proof of the damage, but these photos can be taken days after the car was returned.

Other typical complaints include:

unhappiness with insurance, such as overpriced or unrequested excess waiver charges fuel policies, such as charging to refill the tank even when it is not empty

"Our general advice to consumers hiring cars abroad is, where possible, to return the car to someone in the office, get them to check the car and sign it off as in good condition," said Andy Allen, director of the UK ECC.

"If you have to leave the car, take some photos - showing that it was returned in good condition."