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Saturday 16, December
That's 350 million people in 31 countries subjected to an increased risk of death and health hazards.
That's not going to happen with immigration.
American-born Ari Harow, who served under the Prime Minister when he was elected in 2009, will cooperate with investigators in two cases, involving bribery, fraud and breach of trust, tied to Netan


Dozens of landowners opposed to the nearly completed Keystone XL Pipeline won’t be allowed to give testimony at the upcoming hearings.
German authorities were allegedly aware of Ahmad A.’s extremist tendencies for at least a year and tried to recruit him as an informant before the 26-year-old refugee went on a supermarket stabbing
A peaceful lake in New York became the scene of panic when a waterspout touched down on a lake, coming eerily close to the shore.
A quartet of civil rights groups have filed a lawsuit against the State Department for refusing to process applications from winners of the visa lottery program who hail from six Muslim-majority co


Standard Chartered is set to spend about $20m (£15.4m) to turn its Frankfurt office into a European base due to Brexit.
Pearson plans to cut 3,000 jobs following a record loss last year for the seller of academic books and online teaching services.
The tightening in Canada's booming housing market, which has long been the leading driver for employment and growth, could wipe out economic gains, experts warn.
Avon (AVP) announced Thursday that CEO Sheri McCoy will leave the 131-year-old cosmetics icon in March.


November 23, 2017
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. became one of the biggest investors, pouring USD 50,000,000 into Bitcoin start-ups (including TFTM).
August 05, 2017
Turing Pharmaceuticals boss Martin Shkreli had previously defended the price riise
August 05, 2017
A pregnant mother had "no idea" there were 12 Vietnamese migrants in the back of a van she was travelling in, a court heard.
Several of the workers tasked with one of the largest nuclear cleanup efforts in the world have tested posi
Dozens of landowners opposed to the nearly completed Keystone XL Pipeline won’t be allowed to give testimon
A ‘glowing’ water atmosphere has been detected on an enormous super-hot exoplanet, offering the strongest e
Social media users have accused the BBC of “blatant propaganda” after the state broadcaster published a You
A third de-escalation zone is coming into effect north of the Syrian city of Homs, with Russian military po
‘Superior’ designer babies born into the upper class with genetically modified physical appearances and int